Writing a consulting resume examples

Check out our Consulting Resume and Cover Letter Bible — 98 power-packed pages, including 24 easy-to-use templates, to take your resume from good to great! Avoid overuse of personal pronouns. Typically, a consultant resume should begin with your contact information and summary statement.

You have very little time…so: Do you have more questions about how to make your resume the best it can be? Consider taking on contract-based work online between jobs.

Consulting Resume Sample

Consider a unique resume design. Regardless of your career and industry, you can exhibit the same parallel skills that are employed by Bain consultants every day. You will bring in some extra income and grow your reputation with a wider market.

Top Consultant Resume Samples & Pro Writing Tips

Keep your skills sharp. Specializes in retail sales and the hospitality industry. Capitalize on that fact by emphasizing your areas of expertise from past jobs that may not immediately appear relevant.

As an Associate Partner of Business Strategy, I was tasked with appraising the internal operations of global businesses and implement cost-saving strategies. Crafting your own will grab attention right away.

After completing the customary personal details you can begin on the following section: Everything writing a consulting resume examples is, more or less, window-dressing.

A simple Google search is all it takes to find some information about your potential employer. This will make them less interested in reading your resume AND cause them to overlook important pieces There are exceptions to every rule as indicated above.

Network at every available opportunity. Use your primary email address and a working phone number. Some notable contributions to my previous employers include: May 8, The art of the Management consulting resume is a frequent topic here. Examine what types of clients your potential firm deals with and emphasize aspects of your work history that relate to those industries.

Anything longer than that is recruiting suicide. I have a unique background in the arts, an industry where it is common to have several jobs over short periods of time. Less is much, much more. This will convey that not only did you get work done, you did important work that showed clear results for your employer.

You want to know if you have an interview as soon as possible. Hundreds of Princeton graduates are rejected sight-unseen by Bain Consulting every year, while a University of Wisconsin grad was able to secure a first-round McKinsey interview.

Likes to play lots of sports. In addition to an email address, give recruiters your phone number, city, state and webpage URL if you have one. Employers sometimes stop reading resumes when the summary statement fails to achieve this.

Focus your resume very specifically to the advertised job and align your particular experience and qualities to that position. My prior consulting experience has driven growth, cut wasteful expenses, and increased shareholder for my clients.

This is often overlooked, but do not put your name in the same font size as the rest of the resume.Consulting Resume Sample According to data from the U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the management, scientific, and technical consulting services industry is expected to grow by 83 percent over the –18 decade. Jun 06,  · The right resume is important for your consultant career, and our resume examples can help.

We’ve created these resume examples to give you an idea of what employers are looking for in a resume, in terms of both text and formatting.1/5(2). Writing a resume for a business consultant position means you’ll need to focus on the industry and your level of experience and expertise.

Business consultants need a variety of special abilities to help companies become more efficient and produce more revenue. McKinsey looks for applicants who can resolve problems, create personal impact, communicate well, and think logically.

These qualifications must be conveyed by your resume if you want to get an employment offer from this consulting firm. Consulting Resume Sample.

Human Resources Cover Letter Sample. Download Sample. There are dozens of cover letter samples to choose from in our comprehensive list of industry-specific cover letters.

Stick to writing examples of how you succeeded in your previous consulting job. The art of the Management consulting resume is a frequent topic here.

Consulting Cover Letter Sample

For one, about 50% of reader emails are related to resumes. For two, you can’t land a consulting job without a good one.

Writing a consulting resume examples
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