Witness by peter weir clash of two worlds

Peter Weir has strongly depicted the idea of forbidden love throughout the film with the developing relationship between Rachel Lapp and John Book.

Witness: Western Culture and Rachel

She tries ways to make Book understand her culture and for him to become an Amish man, but for Book he was born and raised up in a world fill with violence that he could not understand and adapted to the lifestyle Rachel is living in.

More Essay Examples on The opening scene music was slow pace equal and harmony with this type of music Weir has demonstrated the Harmony and the slow pace of the Amish people.

The use of low angle shot as the men thrust the barn scaffold vertically conveys a sense of empowerment. Weir has use the techniques of long angle shot at the opening scene where the Amish people walking together to attend Rachel husband funeral, then comes the close-up shot of showing clearly of the Amish people, with this angel shot Weir wanted to demonstrate the unity of the Amish community people working together as one.

This is most evident in the scene where Eli teaches Samuel about the symbolisms of the gun. This shows that it will stay with him forever. Rachel is torn between her feelings for Book and her responsibility to the Amish culture, her family and the church.

However, Weir strategically uses the existence and non-existence of technology to juxtapose the two cultures. An edited shot shows Book staring confusedly at the praying mother and son while he eats hot dogs.

Conclusion — Thus we are able to perceive how the director utilises a variety of filmic and literary techniques to communicate to our understanding of the film.

It is possible to conclude that Peter Weir draws viewers into the world of film through the themes of clash of two worlds and forbidden love, using many effective techniques to portray the conflicting ideologies of the Amish and English world. From this we could see the huge difference between the two worlds for individuality and the connection of love they had, and because of the clash of two worlds and the difference of their culture Rachel and Book are in forced Witness by peter weir clash of two worlds be apart from each other at the end because both are not willing to leave behind their culture and their belief.

This is specifically shown in the dancing in the barn scene. As he continues to engage with the Amish however, he becomes more familiar. The scene is opened with low key lighting that has an effect of being soft and shadowy, that creates a romantic mood.

Such as using limited dialogue shows there are no words left to say about how they feel, as nothing will change the fact that they can never be together. As the train starts to travel you could hear a great change of music from calm and soothing music to a rush and mysterious sound of the music with this it tries to tell us that Rachel and Samuel are travelling for the first time out of their comfort zone of their home into a world that is strange and unknown to them.

Relationships allow individuals to find a place in which they feel comfortable and secure. The connection he has built with Rachel and Samuel is ironically lost when he defends their lives — for killing is a sin, and to preserve his loved one, he must commit the one crime that will take them away from him.

The themes of violence, justice, the power of relationships and the corruption of modern society by technology are all evident in the masterful portrayal of the film and its engaging narrative. As an audience we could see how Weir has portrayed negative thoughts of the city life while the Amish country life is a positive.

While the City life is crowded with transport, people, tall, tightly spaced buildings and the pollution the urban community live in.

Book is a violent man with different beliefs, but this does not stop him from falling in love with her. As the cart travel onward however, symbols of civilisation begin to appear, first power poles; then the carriage and the horse is seen in a long angle shot juxtapositioned between an idyllic pastoral world and a long line of modern vehicles.

This shows how shocked and scared Samuel really feels.

Witness Speech Essay

The city lives are dealt with violence, greed and criticism of the people. While watching the film us viewer could clearly see how Rachel is having problem with the way Book dealt with violence.

Technology is a force of corruption that brings destruction and disruption into the otherwise perfect world of the Amish.

What allows the audience to emotionally invest in the characters are the relation bonds they forge. Thus film explores the power of relationships, and its definition of our role in life. Here it is evident that Weir attempts to reflect the duality of justice, that one must sin to uphold their values.

Furthermore the eye level close up shot of the gun conveys to the audience how detrimental an instrument of death can corrupt the Amish way of life. She does not like it because of her belief and the way she grew up in her culture where violence are forbid. We could tell from this that they are different for each other and could not really communicate understandingly with one another other.

The lack of signs in the Amish community, and the mass of signs in the urban district represent the uncomplicated contentment of the Amish.

Witness Film Essay

These techniques carefully communicate complex ideas and emotions the pair is feeling and how passionately in love they are. A minimal lighted, back profile shot of Rachel taking her cap off, symbolises her temporary absence of the Amish culture to be with Book.

The colour of the green meadow with the pre-modern housing surrounding the landscapes, the bright blue sky in the horizons and the wind gently making green waves in the meadow and the addition of calm soothing music in the background, this is demonstrated through the harmony and the peace of the Amish land and how simple they live their lives.

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Book, whom has never had a family and is a loner in the city — has found a place here. For Rachel she could not leave the world she is living in and go with Book because she will then have to face the outside world that is a complete stranger to her and leave behind her son.

The irony of the hand washing is symbolic as the blood can never be washed away. The clash of naturalism and technology make evident the clashing ideals of the Amish and the modern world. This symbolically represents the chaotic pace of the urban city life as juxtaposed against the idyllic country life.These themes include clash of two cultures/different worlds, Peace and violence, innocence and corruption.

These are presented effectively with a variety of film techniques, editing, setting, dialogue and music/sound. The two elements of the plot, the love story, and the crime story, make up the genre.

Weir has also conveyed the forbidden love of Rachel Lapp, an Amish widow and John Book, an English policeman. Witness is a film about the clash of two cultures, being the Amish and the modern civilisation known as the English.

Peter Weir has begun the film with a contrast of the two cultures settings. - Two Different Worlds in film Witness In the film Witness we are shown the differences between the Amish community in Philadelphia, America, and the modern life of Americans.

With Peter Weirs use of the camera we are shown that the Amish world is very secluded and rural compared with the modern world. Jan 10,  · Witness Essay Examine the way in which various techniques employed in your text has added to your understanding of the values and contexts of the narrative.

Witness directed by Peter Weir is the telling tail of two different societies caught up in the maws of justice. Evident through filmic techniques these have been able to. Witness directed by Peter Weir explores the clash between two cultures which cannot co-exist comfortable.

This clash is highlighted by the use of music, various camera angles and camera shots and the narrative structure of the film.3/5(5). Essay about Cultural Differences: Witness - Peter Weir: Into the World Words | 3 Pages. The film Witness, directed by Peter Weir portrays the concept of cultural differences between the Amish and the outside world through various film techniques.

Witness by peter weir clash of two worlds
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