Why is the quartz shower not selling

So the need of hour is to change the marketing strategy. Once it is popular with the customers it will be a hit product and it can take Aqualisa to new soaring heights making it one of the highest selling companies. Other alternative one can think is lowering the price.

We recommend that customers can be targeted directly through advertisements. After three years of development—during which the company spent 5. It is recommended that the marketing and sales department should target plumbers, trade shops and showrooms as by doing this the product can be popular.

Also, advertisement is an alternative to make the product known to the customers directly. Market Analysis and Market Segment Analysis In UK people install showers due to many reasons, most important reason being replacement of the shower and new penetration.

Developer Market Thirdly there is a developer market in UK. What are their relative strengths and weaknesses? Showrooms Other means of distribution is showrooms. Once Quartz is introduced it will attract customers with its benefits and elegant look. Even though boiler is installed in the electric shower to give desired temperature but it has a poor water flow.

Gainsborough and ShowerMax are designed and branded for specific markets. It is an investment of 5. However, we see that this channel is not approached effectively for promoting Quartz. But we recommend that this strategy may not work as the developers look for inexpensive products and demand high discount rates.

Only a strong market strategy is required to boost up the sales and this product can become a hit. If we concentrate on showrooms then we can reach good sales target. This is discussed in the following section.So the product should not be the reason why the shower is not selling.

Quartz is just what customers and plumbers are looking for. The price of Quartz is higher than price of other product, however, I do not think that it is too high because the product is very innovative and Aqualisa it the only company that is selling it.

Case study of aqualisa quartz shower Essay

Why is the Quartz shower not selling? – One of the reasons is that the company sales force spends only 10% of their efforts in developing new customers and they reply on their long-standing relationships with plumbers.

Aqualisa being one of the largest-selling companies in the shower products, it constitutes 18% of the market sales. Gainsborough and Aquavalve are its leading products. Once Quartz is introduced it will attract customers with its benefits and elegant look/5(K).

Why is the Quartz shower not selling? Ans.

Aqualisa Quartz Case Analysis Report

3) The plumbers are usually wary of innovations and perhaps did not favour the idea of installing an electronically devised shower. However showrooms in U. this aspect was not liked by the Managing Director of Aqualisa as he was of the opinion that Quartz is a premium product.5/5(1). Answer: The reasons of Quartz shower not selling listed herein below: First of all, the shower distribution mainly relays on plumbers (Exhibit 4 showcase 27% of consumer selects type and brand of shower without advice from plumber, the rest 73% of consumer are affected by plumbers by different extent.)who reluctant to accept new products with.

Problem: Aqualisa has invested million to develop a breakthrough product, the Quartz shower that positions itself superiorly in terms of quality, technology, design and ease of installation.

Since it is not selling well, Aqualisa is now looking for a marketing strategy to generate sales momentum for Aqualisa Quartz. Possible alternatives: Targeting the.

Why is the quartz shower not selling
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