The ideals of the good life

As such, the good life consisted of reining in your passions by attaining mastery over yourself and to contribute to your community.

Examining, reflecting and questioning the nature of things, however, is not enough. Animals are seeking pleasure, too. Be here right now, this is exactly where you need to be. And, by living in accordance to the highest good, happiness or Eudaimonia can be attained. They either do not have enough material possessions to satisfy all their desires.

The good life therefore is not a life spend by the never-ending pursuit of personal desires.

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Instead, it seeks to reign in your passions by attaining self-control. Instead of living the good life, we succumb to the instinct-driven and unreasoned qualities we share with animals. Socrates concluded that by living a just life, based on reflection, examination and servitude to society, a person can truly live the good life.

It is only through self-mastery that we can replace our boundless appetite for pleasure with a nobler and more reasonable thinking.

Consequently, a person The ideals of the good life happiness by contemplation, learning and the mental strength to perform right actions. In politics[ edit ] In politics ideals play a pivotal role.

Ideal (ethics)

A high standard of living can certainly be regarded as part of the good life. They never thought of themselves and the deeds they had done were going to change the lives of the millions. You can also find complete courses by Prof. Aristotle therefore concludes that the highest good consists of the acquisition of both intellectual and personal virtues.

What is an Ideal Life?

It is a worthwhile life that sets you free. Instead, it adds value and contributes to making this world a better place. According to Aristotle, such a life is neither fit nor meant for human beings. Furthermore, this knowledge can be expanded by applying the principles of nature.

The good life is a life that is not primarily wasted with mundane activities. When being asked by the court why Socrates simply cannot stop questioning the way people live, Socrates responds with a simple, yet profound answer.

What Is the Good Life?

The good life is all about growing, developing and becoming stronger together, not alone. Also, the future can be greatly impacted in this very moment.

He continued to write in order to bring awareness among the Indians regarding their independence. People spend their whole life in just increasing their bank balance and hardly do anything for society.

Even more so, it also contributes to your own growth. Despite of all these hindrances they were very optimistic to change the situations to make this world a better to live. But it also means to live a life that is worthwhile — a life that makes a contribution, instead of being solely self-centered.

We then have to ask ourselves the question, if the good life could really be characterized by a high standard of living alone. Others associate the good life with days spent in nature, pondering and philosophizing about life. All the freedom fighters in the jail were made to do a lot of hard work.

If we wish to worship God, the best way to do would be to devote ourselves to the service of the poor, the downtrodden and the destitute. Ideal and virtue[ edit ] Given the complexity of putting ideals into practice, and resolving conflicts between them, it is not uncommon to see them reduced to dogma.

What exactly is the good life and what contributes to living a good life? Firstly, he argues that wealth is primarily used to acquire other things. They were flogged on refusal. Instead of being trapped in the past or fearful about the future, try to enjoy this present moment.

Idols and heroes[ edit ] A different form of ideal is an idol or herowho is held up as a moral example. When it comes to the good life, some understand it as the continuous pursuit of their desires by means of mundane activities. What is the good life?

Therefore, these people will never truly be able to live the good life, because there will always be something missing.

Outside they were forced to clear the jungles and trees on hillside leveling marshy land.Jan 14,  · The Ten Golden Rules on Living the Good Life. It is for this reason that they prized ideals such as measure, balance, harmony, and proportion as. Ideals definition, a conception of something in its perfection.

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The Platonic version of the good life comes in for a thorough drubbing at the hands of Friedrich Nietzsche, as do Aristotelian, Kantian, and Judeo-Christian ideals. A lot has been said and written about the “good life”, and with some billion people on this planet, there are quite possibly as many opinions on what it constitutes.

If I have learned one thing in 36 years, it is the fact that “good” is a very subjective word. Everyone has a different. Only if our emotional life is cultivated in a certain way, will we be sensitive to the attractive power of good ideals.

We find here again the reciprocal reinforcement between the orientation towards an ideal, on [End Page ] the one hand, and habit formation, on the other hand, but now on the level of feelings.

What is the good life? What exactly is the good life and what contributes to living a good life? When it comes to living the good life, we almost all have a certain idea how such a life should look like.

The ideals of the good life
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