The future of power

The key is to see the entire puzzle instead of only its pieces.

Future Power Technology

Optimizing the electrical power grid has always been a difficult task because its state is constantly changing. The driver is the ambition to render the electric power supply more sustainable by integrating green energy into the grid.

Mastering the future power grid

The electric power system is too complex and too important not to have some level of centralized monitoring and control.

The answer is both — and other skills as well. Published monthly and free to read online and on iPads, this digital magazine brings together in-depth analysis of key issues affecting the energy industry — from energy policy to market trends — and the latest technological developments from all areas of power generation and distribution, including fossil fuels and nuclear power, established and experimental renewable power sources, as well as transmission, energy storage and smart grids.

This trend is bound to have an impact on how the system operators will control and optimize the future grid, blogs Gabriela Hug.

Hence, we must take a holistic view that encompasses these different layers and considers the entire supply chain. In its debut year it won the silver award in the technology category at the Digital Magazine Awards, and reached the finals in But the growing penetration of wind and solar generation also increases the challenge of balancing their variable output.

As of now, however, most local schemes can be described as "one size fits all.

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And this is what we are working on. Gabriela Hug, ETH Zurich How to optimally control a highly complex and constantly changing network of smart electric devices? Hydropower plants and storage devices of all sizes are perfect balancing resources, but consumers will also play an important role: We have developed the traditional B2B publishing style into an engaging, interactive reading experience.

Our publications are designed in a bold, bright and beautiful style that pleases the eye while giving our business-minded readers all the facts, data and analysis they expect from an industry magazine. Australia Special October In this issue: Standards are valuable, but if the system becomes as diverse as we predict, we should consider standardizing how we determine the operational settings but not the actual decision curves.

Despite the increasing importance of local intelligence, I believe that centralized decision-making will always have a role in the operation of the electric power grid. Now electric power systems all over the world are transitioning from highly centralized infrastructures with bulk generation plants to increasingly distributed generation and storage solutions.

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, deliver a complex message or launch a new product, our digital magazine provides the perfect medium to communicate effectively with your audience in a fresh and engaging way.

In this case, the best actions of the individual components are usually found using an iterative approach, i. So one of the main challenges will be finding a way to coordinate them locally but also across these system levels.

Launched inFuture Power Technology is the first digital magazine in our portfolio. When designing the operational structure of the future electric power system, we must take more than just technology into account.

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Mastering the future power grid March 12, by Prof.Here at Politico we’ve assembled a package of in-depth reporting and thinking on exactly where America’s shift is happening, and what its consequences will be. Future Power Technology is a digital magazine offering informative, in-depth coverage of the power industry in an exciting, interactive format.

Published monthly and brought to you by an experienced editorial and design team, Future Power Technology is the essential magazine for decision-makers wanting up-to-date power industry news and analysis.

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As a power engineer, choose power sources for Chicago from a mix of energy options. As the simulation progresses into the future, Chicago’s goals for reducing greenhouse gases will ramp up, while new technologies become available to help provide cleaner energy.

‎Future Power Technology is free for single issues and subscriptions! Future Power Technology is the essential reading material for decision-makers in the power industry, bringing you the latest news and insights in an exciting, interactive 0.

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The future of power
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