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John Proctor, The Crucible

They were promised life for a lie, and death for a truth. This process involves the combination of a metal and a gas to produce an alloy Zwicker et al. Early examples of this practice can be seen in Feinan, Jordan. I could recite all but one ;my shame and my regret, but Elizabeth was there to remind and comfort me.

The Crucible Character Diary Project: John Proctor - Essay Example

Crucibles and their lids can come in high form and low form shapes and in various sizes, but rather small 10—15 ml size porcelain crucibles are The crucible journal project john used for gravimetric chemical analysis.

Some of these copper alloy crucibles were used in the making of bells. Were Parris an animal, I would have muzzled him and ceased his incessant howling.

The mass of the empty, pre-weighed crucible and lid is subtracted from this result to yield the mass of the completely dried residue in the crucible.

The cementation process, which was lost from the end of the Roman to the early Medieval period, continued in the same way with brass. Crucibles are available in several sizes and typically come with a correspondingly-sized lid.

Porcelain crucibles are hygroscopici. She then went off to bed before Reverend Hale came upon my house. These are triangular vessels made on a wheel or within a mould using high alumina clay and tempered with pure quartz sand.

Crucibles and their covers are made of high temperature-resistant materials, usually porcelainalumina or an inert metal. I finally remember what a good women Elizabeth is.

But for the sake of innocent lives, and honesty, how should I act? These vessels were also used in the process of Metallurgical Assay where the noble metals are removed from a coin or a weight of metal to determine the amount of the noble metals within the object.

The technology for this type of smelting started to change at the end of the Medieval period with the introduction of new tempering material for the ceramic crucibles.

John Proctor Journal Entries

Furthermore, the process for carrying out cementation for brass did not change greatly until the 19th century. Medieval period[ edit ] Smelting and melting of copper and its alloys such as leaded bronze were smelted in crucibles similar to those of the Roman period which have thinner walls and flat bases to sit within the furnaces.

I had forgotten to give Danforth the letter I prepared for him. Yesterday Hale, Corey, Nurse and I had gone to court to petition for bail for the accused women. It was not a matter of whether anyone simply believed them. That was the control the court had taken over the accused women.

For this, I regret my inaction, and when I finally did speak out, it was too late. Brass is made by mixing solid copper metal with zinc oxide or carbonate which comes in the form of calamine or smithsonite Rehren These crucibles in some cases have thinner walls and have more refractory properties Tylecote I remember being brought to this cell, but I was not aware of it as it happened.

The Roman period shows technical innovations, with crucibles for new methods used to produce new alloys. She began to confess a lie, and pointed towards me as a follower of the devil. Cupellation started long before the Post Medieval period, however the first vessels made to carry out this process started in the 16th Century Rehren When I was told of her pregnancy, I did not have the opportunity to be joyful.

She then told me my heart still wavered for I could not bring myself harm to the girl, I told Elizabeth to move that thought from mind and to see comfort that I spend most of my time at home.

The main purpose of the crucible during this period was to keep the ore in the area where the heat was concentrated to separate it from impurities before shaping.

The crucible and lid with the sample inside is weighed very accurately again only after it has completely cooled to room temperature higher temperature would cause air currents around the balance giving inaccurate results.

So many times I saw success in my grasp, and just as many times it eluded me. These had a very similar design to that of the triangular crucibles from Hesse but they also occur in conical forms. Like a child trying to elude reprimanding, he fabricated holes in every attempt we made to reason with Judge Danforth.A crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures and is used for metal, Journal of Archaeological Science, Vol.

26, pp –; Rehren Th.,Crucibles as Reaction Vessels in Ancient Metallurgy, Ed in P. Craddock & J. Lang, Mining and Metal Production Through the Ages, British Museum Press, London pp–. Crucible project - Page Text Content. S: John Proctor. FC: By: Jordan Van Etten.

1: The Personal Journal of John Proctor. 2: Narrative- detailing a short story of a significant even including setting, characters, time, sequence,and brief plot.

"The Crucible": Journal Project – John Proctor Parris declares that I belonged to a group in the church conspiring against him, but I honesty told everyone that I dislike Parris' authority and that I would love to find and join the group against him.

The Crucible Character Diary Project characters in The Crucible. Here is your task for this project: 1. Pick one character who intrigues you.

2. Create a personal diary or journal for that character, which depicts the major events happening in Abigail write to John Proctor to convince him that she is his one and only true love?

What. Transcript of Abigail's Journal Entries. The Crucible Journal Entry 1 Dear, Diary I can't believe that John had the audacity to choose that sniveling wife over me.I am way better than that goody too shoes Elizabeth are so many differences between us; we are like day is a naive,sickly,simple woman.I on the.

Follow/Fav John Proctor's Diary. By: that one of the main characters of the Crucible would have written. I chose John Proctor. We were supposed to have four types of entries: Narrative, Persuasive, Descriptive and Reflective.

How she had known that I would find relief in this journal I do not know, but I love her all the more for it.

The crucible journal project john
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