Teaching in hong kong

Petty crime like pick-pocketing on crowded transport is one of the biggest risks. However, these are quite hard to secure unless you have prepared for an academic career.

Teach English in Hong Kong, China

About life in Hong Kong Hong Kong is one of the most important trading ports and financial centres in the world. Teaching jobs in Hong Kong are available throughout the year and come with a great perks.

The diversity of teaching in international schools can be one of its biggest advantages. I was a bit dismayed — some kids had big grins and baskets full of candy, while some looked sad as their baskets were nearly empty.

The day before, I brought two dozen hard boiled eggs to class with me along with tubes of paint, glitter, and glue. Hong Kong is a massive city, with lots to see and do so there will be no problem finding ways to spend your time off -- or your salary!

When deciding to teach in Hong Kong, a Teaching in hong kong of adventure and flexibility is required! Primary teachers often do get accepted without a teaching license.

So, I decided to treat my Grade 1 class to some proper Easter Fun. This is a great package for those who want a thriving, cosmopolitan urban environment full of food, fashion, culture and shopping. History buffs can go watch the Noon Day Gun in Causeway Bay fired at 12 noon each day, continuing a tradition from colonial times.

Make sure that you have all other routine travel vaccinations before traveling to Hong Kong, such as those against hepatitis and typhoid.

Locations Hong Kong has 18 administrative regions and NET positions staff public schools throughout those regions. Stick to well-lit areas with lots of people when out at night.

Or the Bun Festival each April and May, when a special tall tower of buns is erected to satisfy hungry ghosts residing on the island. While the majority of foreign teachers in Hong Kong are English teachers, some private language schools also seek teachers of other languages, such as Spanish and French.

Foodies can enjoy local delights like egg tarts and pineapple buns which actually contain no pineapple at all! NET stands for Native English Teacher and the program hires teachers on 2-year contracts to teach primary school and secondary school. This bustling metropolis by the sea has a warm climate, is famous for its modern vertical architecture, ever-present street food, and historic ferries.

The pay is excellent: Colonised by the British, Hong Kong offers a strange blend of Eastern and Western flavour in every aspect of life. However, the cost of living is high, so a significant chunk of your salary will simply go towards paying rent.

The private teaching industry is thriving as well, and jobs often come up at private English language academies. Come be part of it! Most, but not all, students will be non-Hong Kong citizens. I gave each of them a little basket and set them loose in the room.

There were excited yells and screams and a bit of jostling as well, as the kids filled their baskets. As an international city with a strong global business, a range of languages are sought by learners. Soon all the kids had pretty much equal amounts of candy, and huge smiles on their faces!The best teaching jobs in Hong Kong are with the well-established government public school program, which has hired foreign teachers since TEFL Certification Options to Teach English in Hong Kong Hong Kong is a fast-growing job market for teaching English in Asia, but hiring standards can be high, so a TEFL certification will provide you with the training and qualification you need to get hired.

Teach in Hong Kong

The teaching day in Hong Kong usually begins at am and ends at pm. Elementary schools are often broken into two sessions, with the morning session running from am until pm, and the afternoon session from pm until pm. To teach English in Hong Kong you must: Have a full university degree You must be a native English speaker from one of the following countries: Canada, USA, Australia, England, New Zealand, or.

Hong Kong is one of the most important trading ports and financial centres in the world. Its physical location and natural harbour make is the world’s second busiest cargo port and the world’s busiest airport for cargo transport.

Teaching Jobs in Hong Kong

Requirements to teach in Hong Kong. Each school has a fair degree of latitude to set their own requirements for English teachers, but you’ll find the main division in guidelines comes down to whether you want to teach at an institution of higher education or public school, or at a private “language learning” school meant as a supplement to primary/secondary education.

Teaching in hong kong
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