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Regional imbalance essay other words, it is the manifestation of those neglected socio-political elements which fail to find expression in the mainstream polity and culture. For instance, southern India, the home of Dravidian cultures, itself a region of many regions is very different from the north.

But there is another option you have: The Ninth Regional imbalance essay suggests that public investment in building of infrastructure be made to favour poorer states, and that all states should cooperate Regional imbalance essay formulate a public policy and action acceptable to all states.

Thus the benefit of green revolution is very much restricted to the states like Punjab, Haryana and plain districts of Uttar Pradesh leaving the other states totally in the dark about the adoption of new agricultural strategy.

The Government has concentrated this new strategy to the heavily irrigated areas with the idea to use the scarce resources in the most productive manner and to maximize the production of food grains so as to solve the problem of food crisis.

Your account and user name will be associated with a large number of deletion proposals. To say, every region is quite different from one another, will not be an exaggeration.

The British rulers as well as industrialists started to develop only those earmarked regions of the country which as per their own interest were possessing rich potential for prosperous manufacturing and trading activities.

The land policy followed by the British frustrated the farmers to the maximum extent and also led to the growth of privileged class like zamindars and money lenders for Regional imbalance essay exploitation of the poor farmers.

Besides, the local leadership is to be held equally responsible, which fails to reconcile with the aspirations of the people. British industrialists mostly preferred to concentrate their activities in two states like West Bengal and Maharashtra and more particularly to three metropolitan cities like Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

In the absence of proper land reform measures and proper industrial policy, the country could not attain economic growth to a satisfactory level. In fact, a resident, native, or someone who otherwise frequently visits a place likely has far more familiarity with a region than one who has never been to the area, and may therefore be a much better candidate for writing such an article.

Although balanced growth has been accepted as one of the major objectives of economic planning in India, since the Second Plan onwards but it did not make much headway in achieving this object. Thus, the need of the hour is to develop a realistic perception of regionalism at the conceptual level focusing on righteousness and judicious outlook on the part of the political parties.

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Thus in this way new agricultural strategy has aggravated regional imbalances due to its lack of all-embracing approach. Unlike the developed countries of the West, India has been unable to overcome the natural handicaps of mountainous terrain like the Himalayan belt and rugged plateau regions which have remained underdeveloped so far.

Thirdly, the backward states have a lower level of infrastructural facilities such as power, irrigation, roads telephones and modern market for agricultural produce. Majoritarian Populism is as bad as an authoritarian state. In respect of allocating plan outlay relatively developed states get much favour than less developed states.

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India’s Development Experience - A Regional Analysis: An essay in honour of Prof. Ashok Mathur

Increased central financial assistance is unable to counter this weakness. Economic overheads like transport and communication facilities, power, technology, banking and insurance etc.

Due to adequacy of such economic overheads, some regions are getting a special favour in respect of settlement of some developmental projects whereas due to inadequacy of such economic overheads, some regions of the country, viz.

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Northern Kashmir, the hill districts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh and other North-Eastern states, remained mostly backward due to its inaccessibility and other inherent difficulties.

They often identify themselves with them. The other three states like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have also received larger allocation of plan outlays in almost all the five year plans.

In respect of allocating plan outlay relatively developed states get much favour than less developed states. The Green Revolution started in the late s, was successful only in Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh, resulting in economic disparity among states and even within states.

Due to such divergent trend, imbalance between the different states in India has been continuously widening, inspite of framing achievement of regional balance as one of the important objectives of economic planning in the country.

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While determining the location of iron and steel projects or refineries or any heavy industrial project, some technical factors included in the locational advantage are getting special considerations.

Again, the demand for Bodoland, Vidarbha, Telangana, Gorkhaland, etc. It originates from the feeling of regional concentration, which is often fuelled by a sense of regional deprivation.

The Government of India has been following a decentralized approach for the development of backward regions through its investment programmes on public sector industrial enterprises located in backward areas like Rourkela, Barauni, Bhilai, Bongaigaon etc.

Why Regional Imbalance has been Persisting in India?

A vicious cycle is set up. This has happened in cities like Bombay in Maharashtra or in urban areas of Assam. Locational advantages are playing an important role in determining the development strategy of a region. This helps in arousing the sentiments of the people which are later exploited Regional imbalance essay the regional political leadership.

Thus regional imbalances arise due to such locational advantages attached to some regions and the locational disadvantages attached to some other backward regions.Regional Imbalance religion, region, caste and language and did not pursue any plan or strategy for a balanced development of the resulted in regional imbalances,and group identities.

Subsequently, the independent India saw the rise of regionalism, linguism, separatism, etc. Causes of a geographic imbalance. A geographic imbalance may occur when one or more devoted Wikipedians compose numerous articles of interest mostly to those within a city, town, or region, and the same does not occur in other areas that are more heavily populated or otherwise of.

By regional disparities or imbalances is meant wide differences in per capita income, literacy rates, availability of health and education services, levels of industrialisation, etc. between different regions.

Growing regional imbalance in India has also been resulted from lack of motivation on the part of the backward states for industrial development. While the developed states like Maharashtra. Short Essay on India’s Regional Power Grids ( Words) Short Essay on “Female Foeticide and Imbalance in Population” in Hindi Problems of Education Faced by India at the Time of Independence.

Regional parties play a prominent role in the spread of regionalism and in creating regional consciousness. Since these parties have their political existence in regional support, they arouse it to gain its benefits to serve their end.

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