Positive and negative aspects of abortion

Only Santas and reindeer are permitted on public-school bulletin boards during "winter holidays. For example, is it really impossible to teach the value of chastity? Some who hold in principle that abortion is immoral, nevertheless find this a reasonable and realistic solution.

We have the right to pursue them and governments must provide the conditions under which they may be achieved. Individualism and Social Conscience Americans traditionally pride themselves on being "rugged individualists. This is why it is advisable that women who seek to abort their fetus do so under controlled condition and in a medical facility with doctors on hand to help provide the required assistance.

How often is the physical and psychological damage of abortion honestly portrayed? Why not keep them legal and safe? If, then, you are "personally opposed," you must think that unborn is a human person.

Of greater importance, though, is the fact that this issue is so fundamental and so far-reaching in its implications that it does qualify as "single. Government, too, can be structured in such a way that it will take care of us when we might otherwise have to take responsibility for own behavior.

No one denies that one would feel the impact of the abortion issue more strongly at close quarters. First Point Abortions are the intentional termination of a human pregnancy, which basically means the culling of an unborn child. As a result, most "pro-choice" statements are instances of the classic logical error called "begging the question.

This unhappy development is evident today throughout our social structure. Detailed and intricate laws ensure that not a single penny of the public treasury is used to promote religion in any way. Forty-one years later, we are still waiting. Such a notion warrants the strongest possible condemnation.

It will not do for Christians to oppose this or that aspect of a sick society while endorsing and lending their supports to others. Also, this supposed concern for the poor is spurious.

Here Are All the Positive Effects of Abortion on Society

This is why, women since time immemorial had opted for abortion through various means, in order to survive. They are all too frequently ignored in our own country and around the world. Whether we agree them or not, we must at least respect these few for their integrity. Thus murder, theft and various forms of fraud are forbidden because they are wrong.

The sense of social responsibility is in decline. Good people on both sides of the issue are increasingly aware that their convictions are being cynically manipulated for the sake of votes. The rate of men using them for sexual gratification and abusing them or discarding them has exploded. Efforts to abolish the suffering caused by poverty must be applauded and supported.

The assertion that abortion policy is related in one way or another to each of these tendencies rests upon the conviction that a social policy not only reflects but also reinforces existing attitudes and helps create new ones.

Lonely, self-centered and often violent "heroes" abound in movies and on television. Some refer to the past ten years as the "me" decade, dominated by the "me" generation.

Negative aspects of Abortions

While the decision to carry the fetus to term or not depends more on the woman in question than the father, the fact remains that some of the women in question opt to do so as a matter of convenience. One consequence is the steady erosion of the sense of social responsibility. Women often had to resort to abortion for a variety of reasons starting with rape to familial pressures as well as the fact that the fetus posed a grave danger to their own health.

Who Teaches, Who Learns? Again, the response is obvious. By such standards we would have to conclude that millions of our fellow citizens should never have been born. God save the United States of America. The issue of abortion demands not only emotion but a great deal of sober reflection.

Arguments from Social Utility The second type of argument focuses on the social advantages of present abortion practices. We can conduct our sex lives without thought or responsibility because when all else fails we can always abort, safely, easily and with public support. It would be foolish to assert that an abortion policy is totally responsible for this state of affairs.

By removing the possibility of offspring, the women would be equal to men. Here too, the power of example in the midst of actual life is the most effective teacher. Those effects will be treated later at some length.Positive and Negative Aspects of Abortion Words | 11 Pages “Abortion is defined as the ending of a pregnancy before birth” (O’ Brien).

“Half the percentage of women getting an abortion done is below the age of 25” (Buzzle 1). Positive and Negative Aspects of Abortion Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Roe v. Abortion impact on society positive and negative Abortion has been around for a very long time and has had an impact on society in variety of ways, both positive and negative.

Positive and negative effects of Abortion

Christian influence in Western civilizations caused widespread disapproval of the practice. There can be complications with the conception of the child forcing the mother to have an abortion, these complications can cause serious injury to the mother or even death to her and the child and the only way is to terminate the pregnancy.

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The issue of abortion demands not only emotion but a great deal of sober reflection. It is rapidly altering the very self-consciousness of our society, its attitudes and its values. We now turn to this larger social arena. IV.

Social Effects of Abortion Policy. What follows is highly critical of attitudes and trends in American society today.

Positive and negative aspects of abortion
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