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ABC claims the higher positions have high visibility, require extensive travel, and have greatly increased client contact, including presentations before corporate and professional groups.

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Muhammed has filed a claim with the EEOC. Instead, intent can be shown in one of three ways: Riyadh due to her religious beliefs. Riyadh is a very plain women, that she refuses to wear make-up or adornments of any kind" prevent her from being able to complete the executive requirements goes to show the discriminatory intent of the ABC employment practice.

Riyadh is a very plain woman, that she refuses to wear make up or adornments of any kind, other than a head scarf, that she is very religious and takes a daily "prayer and meditation" break during her lunch break, and that her religious Ms riyadh abc advertising prohibit certain types of "fraternizing," such as drinking alcoholic beverages and eating certain foods.

Further, her apprehension against eating certain foods and drinking alcoholic beverages does not prevent her from socializing or attending business meetings. In the case of the employee Ms. She notes that three women have been promoted since she was hired, but points out that men greatly outnumber women in all positions at ABC.

Excerpt from Research Paper: First and foremost, in order to require someone to submit to a polygraph test one needs to have probable cause.

However, this defense is weak, at best, because it needs to be shown that her religious beliefs in fact prevented her from doing the job requirements of an executive position.

Employment Discrimation

Further, the court must consider whether less burdensome means of accomplishing the employment goal are available. Riyadh feels that ABC has illegally discriminated against her. Since her prayer breaks were done during her lunch breaks, this would not interfere with her ability to do a job.

Riyadh began working with ABC as a summer intern during her senior year in business school, and was hired as a full-time employee after receiving her M. She also says that all of the male employees who were hired between and in the same classification as hers have been promoted from one to four times and earn significantly higher salaries.

She also wants a court order directing ABC to promote her to a higher position. Further, the employment practice must be shown to have the intent to discriminate. Riyadh was not because of her religious beliefs but because of her inability to do the essential job requirements.

Thus, he lacks probable cause. According to laws on employee discrimination, national origin discrimination is "treating an individual differently in their employment because of the country that the individual or his or her ancestors came from.

ABC argues that Ms. Answer The first issue in this case is the teasing and taunting that was allowed to be perpetrated on Muhammed at his place of employment due to his country of origin and his religious background. Riyadh has a claim for discriminatory employment practices based on her gender.

This argument would most likely work because there is little to no laws that hold one cannot base hiring decisions off of looks. Muhammed suspects that his religious and ethnic background was the reason he was fired.

District Court should grant Saturn their motion and overrule the decision of the arbitrator. Riyadh states that despite receiving "outstanding" performance evaluation ratings each year she has worked there, she has never been promoted since she was hired and has been repeatedly passed over for any promotions.

However, Bob has a lengthy history of absenteeism and being tardy. While the employer has the responsibility of hiring disabled workers and making reasonable accommodations for their disability, the fact is that this employee was not actually disabled at the time she was interviewed and according to the laws on discrimination against employees with disabilities "temporary ailments are not disabilities.

Riyadh has a claim for both discrimination based on her sex and her religious beliefs. Soon after, he was terminated for accidentally throwing away a paper cup that the manager was using.

Discriminatory motive occurs when the employment practice is neutral on its face and in its application but will have a disproportionate impact on a particular class of persons.Riyadh has been employed with ABC at its office in the state capital since During her employment, she has won three national awards for her work.

For several reasons, Ms. Riyadh believes ABC has illegally discriminated against her. feels that ABC discriminated against her because she is a woman and because she is of Indian ancestry and an adherent to Islam. She. View Test Prep - Employment Law Final from HRMG at Webster University.

Case #1: Ms. Riyadh is employed as an account executive with ABC Advertising (ABC). ABC is a national marketing and. has been employed as a account executive by ABC Advertising since ABC Advertising is a national marketing and advertising firm specializing in.

In case 1 of the article, Ms. Riyadh is employed by ABC advertising as an accountant for many years and she proves to be very competent and productive. She wins three national awards for her good performance.

A is REQUIRED: ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION (5 points) A. Ms. Riyadh is employed as an account executive with ABC Advertising (“ABC”). ABC is a national marketing and advertising firm specializing in domestic and international advertising%(14).

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