Human rights in iraq after the war essay

Iraqi repression was severe, but the case might be made that repression elsewhere was worse.

An investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service resulted in charges of murderkidnappingand conspiracy associated with the coverup of the incident. The Semile massacre was conducted by a Kurdish general, Bakr Sidqi. In our view, as a threshold matter, humanitarian intervention that occurs without the consent of the relevant government can be justified only in the face of ongoing or imminent genocide, or comparable mass slaughter or loss of life.

Christian Assyrians often can only work jobs as sales people in liquor shops or beauticians in beauty salons and are therefore targets for Muslim extremists. There were times in the past when the killing was so intense that humanitarian intervention would have been justified - for example, during the Anfal genocide, in which the Iraqi government slaughtered someKurds.

But that presumptive resort to lethal force is inappropriate and unlawful when it comes to policing an occupied nation. Ishaqi incident On March 15, 11 Iraqi civilians were allegedly bound and executed by U. It was claimed that Kurds have "raised impediments to acquisition of international aid for development, attempted to prevent the establishment of Aramaic language schools and prevented the establishment of Christian Assyrian schools", and the issues were also criticized by the US State Department.

Yet surprisingly, with the campaign against terrorism in full swing, the past year or so has seen four military interventions that are described by their instigators, in whole or in part, as humanitarian. In making that point, we do not suggest that the African interventions were without problems.

Refugee response to threats to life[ edit ].

Compliance is required in all conflicts - no less for an intervention that is justified on humanitarian grounds. By barring the displaced from returning to their villages and destroying their homes KRG forces are further exacerbating their suffering.

We also take into account other relevant literature, including the report of the Canadian government-sponsored International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty. Still, in Marchwhen the war was launched, the U.

However, in either circumstance, because of the substantial risks inherent in the use of military force, humanitarian intervention should be exceptional - reserved for the most dire circumstances.

It was not approved by the Security Council. Most significantly, a council-approved invasion is likely to have yielded more troops to join the predominantly American and British forces, meaning that preparation for the post-war chaos might have been better.

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Human rights in post-invasion Iraq

Relations between the remaining Christians and the Kurds were often been less than cordial. The ICC itself would be largely irrelevant for this task since its jurisdiction would begin at the earliest in Julywhen the treaty establishing it took effect. In that case, intervention should be encouraged in both places, not rejected in one because it was weak or nonexistent in the other.

Amnesty International has extensively criticized the Iraqi government for its handling of the Walid Yunis Ahmad case, in which an ethnically- Turkmen journalist from Iraqi Kurdistan was held for ten years without charge or trial. Intervention was not motivated primarily by humanitarian concerns.

Approval There is considerable value in receiving the endorsement of the U. Their numbers were seriously reduced due to massacres, flight and other reasons. But that one factor, in light of the failure to meet the other criteria, does not make the intervention humanitarian.

The reason appears to lie in the ICC. But the substantial risk that wars guided by non-humanitarian goals will endanger human rights keeps us from adopting that position. Juston Graber, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault for shooting one of the wounded detainees and was sentenced to nine months.Was The Invasion Of Iraq Legal International Law Essay.

War on Iraq began on March 20, by a multinational force led by troops from mainly the United States and the United Kingdom as well as other countries.

It justified that it went to the Iraq for liberty and human rights. Furthermore, US Officials mentioned many allegations and. Does fighting for human rights actually make a difference? Scholars, policymakers, lawyers, and activists have asked that question ever since the contemporary human rights movement emerged after World War II.

At any given moment, headlines supply plenty of reasons for skepticism. Our Policy on War in Iraq. Human Rights and Reconstruction. Iraq: Sidelined: Human Rights in Postwar Iraq Essay from HRW World ReportJanuary 26, ; Iraq: Targeting of Civilians by Insurgents Must Stop Press Release, November 22, ; Protecting Iraq's Future Human Rights Watch work on Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

War in Iraq: Not a Humanitarian Intervention

. Human rights in post-invasion Iraq have been the subject of concerns and controversies since the invasion. The UK is also conducting investigations of alleged human rights abuses by its forces. War crime tribunals and criminal prosecution of the numerous crimes by insurgents are likely years away.

In late Februarythe U.S.

state. (Centre for Human Rights, 3) Human rights are the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled to, including the right to life, liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. (Centre for Human Rights, 5) “War on Terror” has created more general concerns for the enacted in its name.

This paper examined the main causes and pretexts taken by US to invade Iraq showing evidences, proofs and facts on the tongues of its officials and political experts.

The US combined and formed coalition to claim that the invasion was legal. It justified that it went to the Iraq for liberty and human rights.

Human rights in iraq after the war essay
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