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But the problems arise when we echo American rhetoric to respond to very different political realities in Australia. Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time in Australia. And the Melbourne Writers Festival is already promoting the first of its guests, with prominent Americans such as Ronan Farrow, Emily Nussbaum, Ta-Nehisi Coates and David Neiwart, although it deserves credit for also highlighting a number of Australian and international writers.

But there are many people within Australia who can speak with authority about a larger world. There is a great deal to relish about the dominance of the US in our cultural imagining, whether it be jazz, The Good Fight or the cartoons of The New Yorker.

The danger of aligning ourselves with the Anglosphere is that it distorts the complexity of the greater world and aligns us with policies that are neither in our national interest nor that of a more just world.

It is no surprise that our film and television viewing is heavily American: Hungary, the Philippines, Venezuela and Turkey are all examples of countries where authoritarian governments are increasingly threatening human rights and freedom of expression.

We are less well represented abroad than most other members of the G But in part I enjoyed them because they covered ground that is already familiar. SBS Radio broadcasts in 74 languages, yet despite the language of diversity, it is rare for speakers from most of the countries represented to be asked onto mainstream platforms.

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This is where culture and foreign policy meet: Just as republicans can enjoy the spectacle of a royal wedding without abandoning the idea of an Australian head of state, we need to remind ourselves that Trump is, literally, not our president.

If students are led to ponder the extent to which the foundation of the United States depended upon slavery, or why Nazism could arise in one of the great centres of Western culture, they may be better prepared to develop an understanding of the world less dominated by the preoccupations of London and New York.

Yes, China is a repressive authoritarian state which is trying to increase its global influence. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is far less likely to invoke the term, and the election of Donald Trump means the idea has gone out of fashion on the right, who are struggling how to respond to a US president who is both their worst fears and their greatest hopes made flesh.

Culture shapes politics Our political debates are inevitably coloured by the cultural dominance of Anglo-American literature, film and music. But too often we view this through an American prism, rather than making the effort to understand how the shifting power relations are being understood in countries in our region.

Yes, we should be cautious about their expansion. Except for occasional feeds from Al Jazeera on SBS television news, we rely heavily on American and British reports for our understanding of the outside world.

We ought to be proud, germany economy essay bashful. We have access to the richest and most diverse range of cultural production in the world, and we grow up reading, viewing and interfacing with the Anglo metropolis. Yet despite 50 years of governments talking about Australia as part of Asia, now somewhat rebadged in the concept of the Indo-Pacific, our cultural guardians continue to behave as if nothing has changed.

What is the Anglosphere? This was in part a reflection of the extraordinary emphasis on American writers at the festival, and the scarcity of writers from other parts of the world.

SBS offers an extraordinary range of non-English language programs, often from countries with small diasporas in Australia; how many Scandinavian-noir series can there be?

But the inability of the major parties to view the United States dispassionately, as a great power with interests that will often diverge from ours, is increasingly hobbling our foreign policy. A common language means that inevitably we will be more aware of writers in English and the cultural fashions of New York, London and Hollywood.

IMDB Television is more complex; the ABC in particular is fond of British material, although Australian-made programs regularly win high ratings, heavily skewed towards sports and reality shows. Or that a tradition of liberty, stretching back to the Magna Carta, has given English-speaking nations a greater protection of human rights and private property.

A few years ago, Andrew Scott pointed to some interesting public policies in Scandinavia, but these are largely ignored. Goodreads Of course our diplomats know this, but for its size Australia has an under-resourced foreign service. Chris Berg from the Institute of Public Affairs wrote in Our political culture shares many elements with Britain and the United States, and there are good reasons to uphold the basic values and understandings of individual freedom that are part of a common legacy.

With an American president who seems uninterested in traditional alliances and unmoved by appeals to protect democracy or human rights, one might expect the government would be more conscious of the reality that US and Australian interests will not always converge.

Inevitably, overseas news will come to reflect the preoccupations of New York, London and Los Angeles. This is clearest in foreign policy debates, where successive governments have accepted an American view of the world even while insisting that Australia must work within its own region.

In Australia, language is both a barrier and an opportunity. Our heritage is not something to be ashamed of. Screenshot from Youtube The obsession continues. The Churchillian notion of near-mythical bonds created by the English language and British heritage has always attracted Australian conservatives.

We pay relatively little attention to either Canada or New Zealand, although they share more similarities with us than either of the major Anglospheric powers.In the history of the mankind, the need of resources was the most important factor for political, technological, economic, social evolutions.

In modern times need of energy resources become more significant than other industries who were more important during the past like the production of wood. The German economy is the world’s fourth largest and, after the expansion of the EU, accounts for more than one-fifth of European Union GDP.

Germany is the United States’ largest European trading partner and is the sixth largest market for U.S. exports. One of the major sectors of German economy is the exports of this country that has accounted for a great percentage of financial output.

In this regard, more than twenty-five percent of the national German output has been due to the heavy exports that have increased significantly during the last decade.

(P)OLITICS Qatar has an emirate -type government. Qatar claims that it is developing into a constitutional monarchy but it doesnt allow poli. Germany and its Economy Known as the "fair" capital, Germany lies in the center of Europe and in the center of the European home market.

Approximately two thirds of the top international fairs take place in. - In this essay I will consider to what extent the German economy has been central to change regarding the development of Germany over the whole period, I will consider the German economy under the Kaiser in accordance with World War 1, during Hyperinflation under the Weimar Republic inin Nazi Germany under Hitler and in East and West Germany leading to the building of the .

Germany economy essay
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