Geography coursework data analysis

However, do not be tempted to copy or download work from internet sites. If you had more time, how would you further your research? Passers-by, this is a busy street with high footfall within easy walking distance of shops, trains and trams How will they engage?

Denotation — make a list of the main contents of the image 2. Make sure the work is your own. You will need to think through what the results are suggesting. Can you use discourse analysis on this artwork? Organisation — there are two parts to this: Their clothing is clean but impractical for farm labour — they are people of leisure.

The image is large enough to be safely photographed from the other side of the road, with the Converse logo featuring in photographs Qualitative analysis: Here are some ideas — but there are many more.

Television and film, such as the credits and opening shots used in regional dramas such as Emmerdale and Eastenders For each piece of media, outline what you know about the: This can help you focus on what you need to do in order to get a high grade for your own research. It is important that your interpretation is clearly labelled as separate from your research.

Discourse analysis Discourse analysis is a set of questions for analysing media, such as creative writing like novelsphotographs, television and film.

How will they engage with the media e. When writing up your conclusions, do not be afraid to bring up new ideas and thoughts you may have about your research project. Try to group labels together into a few concepts. Make sure you understand from your teacher what you are allowed to do during this time.

The neat parallel rows of corn stretching into the distance, neat hedges and young trees suggest a well organised farm. It was painted by "Faunagraphic", a young female artist based in Sheffield When and how? It is a great way of finding out more about informal representations of place. Tourist brochures and other promotional materials including websites 3.

Geography Fieldwork

There is no significant association between the distance people travel from their place of residence and how often people visit. Compare the result with the critical value in the table.

Image analysis This technique is adapted from A level Media Studies.

Were there any aspects of your research that could skew your final conclusions?Edexcel Syllabus A Geography Coursework Guidance. Assessment Criterion 4 - Analysis and conclusions (15 marks) This section should: a describe what the data shows.

Analysing and interpreting the evidence

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If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of. Geography Coursework How does the demand for land and services change as we move away • Data Presentation • Analysis and conclusions Geography moulds the world around us and affects the activities in our daily lives.

It is present everywhere, from cities to mountains and from the oceans to the foothills.

A* full marks GCSE geography coursework (rivers) Page 42 of 59 Data Analysis Page 43 of 59 In this section I will be analysing my results to see if my hypothesis were correct and using Spearman’s Rank correlation to show the reliability of my results.

Scatter graphs will be used to show the possibility of a positive correlationbetween. A secondary school revision resource for GCSE Geography providing tips for writing great controlled assessments in geography.

Analysing and interpreting the evidence. Present your analysis. Hi I have completed a new piece of coursework on Crime Management for my G3 re-sit in a few weeks time.

I chose "Do Neighbourhood Watch Schemes still ha.

Geography coursework data analysis
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