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There have been a lot of things and news published against the company Airbus in regard to its illegal bribing practices to win deals. How should the public relations staff at Airbus respond to the articles appearing in The Economist and The Guardian?

International Marketing Introduction The following pages will contain answers to questions mentioned in the case study, "Ethics and Airbus". Similarly, in the case of Indian Airline, Airbus again bribed top officials of the Indian government to buy from them.

Airbus utilized the inside knowledge and made an offer that was very close to Boeing www. If the cases that are running against Airbus go against the company, then the reputation of the company will face a severe blow.

According to the case, it is clear that politics plays a major role on how the company operates. Airbus was successful in attracting the government despite the fact that cases were lodged against the company and the official who were involved in taking bribe from the company.

In line with that, it will manage to lower the prices of its products thus it will have managed to fight the issue of competition. I believe that the two aircraft companies behave differently in marketing their products around the globe. In each of the cases who benefits and who suffers from the alleged ethical and legal lapses of Airbus?

On the other hand, Boeing suffered in every case except for the case of Syrian scandal. Since the public people are there to show how the companies operate with political influence, the company should ensure that the picture has been cleaned.

Airbus has been found involved in a number of scandals involving the use of illegal means and bribe to attract its customers and win deals over the competitor Boeing.

Having placed the same in the current setting, it has been discovered that the two major aircraft manufacturing industries have engaged in ethics issues.

This was what Airbus gained using these illegal practices. Ethics and Airbus Case Summary Airbus being one of the two known global aircraft manufacturing companies has engaged in unethical practices.

This meant that the transaction will proceed using tenders from both Boeing and Airbus. The first approach the company should employ is lowering its cost. In order to secure its market share, Boeing Company is required to develop a strategy on how to deal with the competition.

According to the case it is true that both companies have political influence on how they make their sale. Airbus benefited din the agreements in Canada and India but suffered in Syria and Kuwait. However, there is a lot that Airbus lost. Airbus versus Boeing- Strategic Management Report: What steps might Boeing take to defend itself from this sort of competition?

This is to attract more customers for they will get some discounts on the quantity they will purchase from the company.

This is serious to the customers simply because they might decide not to make their purchase from those companies. Airbus lost the trust of the corporate world.

Enforcing Compliance

Airbus succeeded in attracting its customers by providing them with offers that were supposedly illegal. This is where the competitor of Airbus Boeing gets into the market with full force. Politicians and manufactures encourage kickbacks in the process of placing order and buying of aircrafts from the manufactures.Questions and answers.

Airbus International Compliance Office develops and implements the 'Airbus Business Ethics Policy and Rules.' o Airbus files legal submission to Vienna Public Prosecutor in Eurofighter case.

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o Airbus reports Half-Year (H1) results. Introduction Business Issues•Casestudy Intense Competition – Boeing, Intense Competition – Boeing, Lockheed, Airbus and McDonnell Lockheed, Airbus and McDonnellBusiness ethics is the study of business situations, Douglas- Douglas-activities, and decisions where issues are right orwrong are addressed.

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Ethics and airbus case answers
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