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The occupational therapist then worked with Lucas and his family on the following short term goals: Explore vocational pursuits To continue with physiotherapy treatment To be assessed by a speech and Language therapist for continuing communication issues.

Develop memory aid strategies, such as using his phone as a reminder and a notebook to write down prompts Case study occupational therapy lists. In order to avoid this and empower the client to gain a sense of achievement, a graded approach to activities is often used.

Recommendations for occupational therapy intervention were to Develop meaningful roles and a routine focusing on productivity and structure.

To be able to produce a shopping list with minimal assistance, To be able to access his local shops with distant supervision and To shop for the ingredients with distant supervision.

The OT would intervene each time he deviated from the task and bring him back to the checklist. The therapy is aimed at the teaching of the basic skills like, walking, eating, washing without the help of the third people.

Occupational Therapy Case Study Writing

He was independent with personal care and able to prepare simple meals such as breakfast and a hot drink, however he struggled with complex meal prep tasks.

Lucas has not yet been able to return to work and is unsure of whether he wishes to do so, but he is interested in volunteering with a local charity as a means of further occupying his time and increasing his social interactions. To be assessed by a neuropsychologist for further assessment of his cognitive function and work collaboratively with the occupational therapist in the areas of vocational rehab and mood management.

Lucas required support to manage his daily routine; he required supervision to access the community and was dependent for financial management. The short term goals were incorporated into a structured weekly timetable for Lucas to follow. In addition, these case studies model the clinical reasoning process by organizing client information according to the types of clinical reasoning that would be used to gather that information.

To address attentional difficulties, the OT began to introduce distractions into the environment, i. Occupational therapy educators may find this type of paper case study useful in introducing students to the intervention planning process.

He fatigued easily and struggled to join in with group conversations, so was increasingly socially isolated. Over time he was encouraged to complete more of the steps on his own.

The complex of various exercises is able to return the patient to the independent life and to stop being the burden for the family and close people. Speaking about the people with the psychological problems, occupational therapy is able to restore the emotional stability of the patient, help him live in the society, evaluate the reality around him, etc.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Each customer will get a non-plagiarized paper with timely delivery. He previously enjoyed cooking and this had been the main household task he would participate in prior to his accident.

Four seniors in an undergraduate occupational therapy program completed intervention plans in response to both traditional medical model and clinical reasoning paper case studies. When the student is asked to prepare a successful case study on occupational therapy, he should learn the problem in detail and research the case from all sides.

Lucas fell down the stairs at work and sustained a sub arachnoid haemorrhage, a fractured skull, facial lacerations and 2 fractured ribs.

Initial assessment Lucas was independently mobile indoors and short distances outdoors using a walking stick with supervision. Occupational therapy is the important and serious activity which is supposed to help the people who have physical and psychological problems restore their regular social life.

Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all paper details: Outcome By the end of 12 weeks of rehab Lucas was able to make Spaghetti Bolognese with distant supervision.Outcome by Fatimah Az-Zahraa binti Amir Farid, A pediatric case study: AUTISM Intervention based on STGs Person-Environment-Occupational Performance Cognitive-behavioral - to facilitate teaching and learning behaviours.

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You can manage this and all other alerts in My Account. Occupational Therapy fictional Case Study -Person-centred application of the OT process with a person who has Schizophrenia. Case Study on Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy is the special medical complex of exercises and activity aimed at the improvement of the physical and psychological condition of the patient.

Naturally, if the person has problems with health, it becomes difficult for her to have a regular social life. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Case Study Occupational Therapy.

The University of Toledo The University of Toledo Digital Repository Master’s and Doctoral Projects A case study report: occupational therapy for an.

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Case study occupational therapy
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