Book analysis of the mystery of drear house by virginia hamilton

His main internal conflict is that he has to deicide if he is going to forgive his friend for the secrets that she has kept from him and his family.

Upon arriving, the Smalls find that Mr. Pluto had to be sent to the hospital and will be back in 24 hours. The next day, they set a trap for the Darrows by telling them Mr.

Pluto and his son, Mayhew, to scare away the Darrows. I would not recommend this book to anyone. Pluto terrifies Thomas and catches him, unusually strong and fast for such an old man, and chases him back to the house. Thomas Small and his family are leaving their home in North Carolina to live in a new house in Ohio.

The House of Dies Drear Summary & Study Guide

He delivers an ominous warning about haunting in the area before he leaves. Thomas screams for help and is shocked when a wall suddenly opens, exposing the kitchen of his new home and his family settling down to dinner. The Pluto that chased Thomas before was actually Mayhew in disguise, explaining his strength and odd behavior at the house.

Pluto is sitting at an old and fine desk, and begins to confess he is sorry for trying to trick the Smalls and only did it because he was afraid.

When the Darrows arrive at Mr. The story takes place in a large old mansion built for the purpose of hiding slaves on the underground railroad.

The falling action shall be the sequel of The House of Dies Drear. And the house of Dies Drear is the castle.

There was always some buried treasure on the land and all the neighbors wanted it, so they would fight. Thomas attacks him in desperation, and he reveals he is actually Mr.

Such as Onomatopoeias, the word hissed around them, stopping Mr.

The Mystery of Drear House

Thomas is certain that Pluto is hiding something. The covered planks are the drawbridges, Thomas thought.

The stream in the moat. Aug 21, Diana Baker rated it it was amazing I liked this book even better than the first in the 2-part series. Darrow would not have done it, so it had to be the three older brothers. Someone has made a mess of the food all over the floor, the counter, the sink, and the furniture.

The House of Dies Drear

It can make the readers have a vivid image in their mind, to make it more realistic through out sounds and word descriptions. Pluto rides an old buggy driven by two horses and because Pluto is the Roman name for Hades. The pace is a little faster.

Also, allusions can make people relate to the history and understand what something means. Thomas explores the tunnel, but becomes frightened when he loses his light and begins to hear a strange breathing sound in the dark.

That way, it will give people the motive to read on to the next book and make the readers eager to read the next book. Pluto in a cavern full of historic artwork, tapestries, glasswork, ledgers, and carvings. That is exactly like this book only in a different time period. I would give this book only two stares becausee is was completely boring.

Pluto also explains the triangles the Darrows hid to scare the Smalls, which are part of a navigation method that was used to guide escaped slaves to places of safety along the Underground Railroad.

Here they find Pesty and Mr. Thomas and his family arrive at the house of Dies Drear and discover it to be somewhat frightening in the way it sits nestled against an imposing cliff. The men prepare, and lay out in the forest to wait. They arrive home to find that the kitchen has been wrecked.


They meet a malicious family next to them, the Darrows. When they return home, they discover that someone has broken into the house and destroyed the kitchen. Pluto has already arranged their furniture for them. Thomas explores outside the house near dark, and accidentally strays across the cave Mr.

Thomas keeps calling Pluto a devil.The House of Dies Drear “A hundred years ago, Dies Drear and two slaves he was hiding in his house, an Underground Railroad station in Ohio, had been murdered.

Written with distinction, an imaginative and imposing book.” «return to Virginia’s Books. The Mystery of Drear House. The Mystery of Drear House: The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton is a children's mystery novel, with sinister goings-on in a reputedly haunted house.

It was published by Macmillan in with illustrations by Eros Keith. The novel received the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery. The Mystery of Drear House [Virginia Hamilton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

History, legend, and rumor surround the house, once a station on the Underground Railroad and the home of long-dead abolitionist Dies Drear.

Virginia Hamilton continues the Dies Drear chronicles of suspense through a series of 4/5(13). The Mystery of Drear House is the follow up to The House of Dies Drear. The first of the series was a little more fun and adventurous, but this one was interesting as well. The first of the series was a little more fun and adventurous, but this one was interesting as well/5.

The House of Dies Drear, Book 1. Virginia Hamilton. Open Road Media, Feb 15, - Juvenile Fiction - pages. 7 Reviews. In Virginia Hamilton’s Edgar Award–winning novel, teenager Thomas Small and his family must uncover the haunting historical legacy of their Civil War–era house The house of Dies Drear Virginia Hamilton Snippet /5(7).

The House of Dies Drear is a young adult novel by American author Virginia Hamilton. Dies Drear was first publishedand is a ghost story (maybe!) and a mystery (definitely!), told mostly from the point of view of Thomas Small, a thirteen-year-old boy.

It's set in an isolated, old house full of.

Book analysis of the mystery of drear house by virginia hamilton
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