Aquarius man aquarius woman love match

An Aquarian personality does not conform to any societal standards. Aquarius women love seeking the beauty in the world and find themselves in awe of nature. The best cure for this situation is for each of them to slow down, breathe in, and ask themselves — do they really give each other enough freedom to be who they are?

Unfortunately, this is usually not enough to support their future together and they will both probably need someone they could love more and who would care about them in a different way. Aquarius finds an intellectual and comedic equal in free-spirited Gemini and the initial stages of the relationship are filled with passion.

He is ever ready to keep on learning new things from her, and also likes to share knowledge with her and teach her new things that she is not aware of, which makes the bond grow stronger.

Most Aquarius women have been working odd jobs here and there from a very young age — the better to assert their independence and not have to beg for cash from their parents. The Problem of Competition What makes and Aquarius woman and Aquarius man love compatibility problematic and sometimes scary is when both partners compete with each other.

When it comes to a romantic relationship, two Aquarius partners could feel a lot for each other, but are more likely to perceive each other as friends. For some reason or other, your partner is no longer giving you what you need.


To know someone with as certainty as they know themselves is surely a bliss. The Crab is the opposite of your unconventional nature and yearns for affection, which makes the Aquarius woman feel trapped. Aquarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is a very beautiful thing indeed.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

However, if they are both looking for an occasional fling, this might be the best contact of signs in the entire zodiac to have one. Many of her friendships are purely intellectual; she enjoys delving into heated conversations and debates about politics or religion.

On a general note, both Aquarius male and Aries female will find themselves in a comfortable position, if and only if, this love match is willing to be calm, composed, more appreciable of each other and ready for a thrilling, unpredictable and an exciting journey together.

Aquarius January 20 — February 18 When an Aquarian woman gets together with an Aquarius man the relationship is almost always doomed to fall within the friend zone.

Taurus and Aquarius are also incompatible socially, the former being highly selective in their friendships and the latter being Miss Popularity.

Gemini May 21 — June 21 This is another good match for the Aquarius woman. The two Aquarians think alike so it is not surprising when they understand what the other one is thinking after they have both heard the same bit of information.


However, because you both shy from intimacy, it may be difficult to establish a deeper connection once the lust has worn off. Just like with anything else, truly meaningful and happy relationship takes a lot of awareness, open communication, and yes, you guessed it, work.

If they do fall in love, as representatives of a fixed sign, they will stay together for a long time although none of them really cares for how long the relationship will last. A Scorpio will find you cold, while you find them jealous and controlling.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility

But their ardor may sink to a simmer after the heated boil of anticipation wears away.Learn why the Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man couple rates a score of 8/10 for their compatibility in romance, passion, friendship, sex.

Aquarius Woman Love Advice. Keen Category: Astrology Advice. Although complimentary in some ways, a love match between a Virgo man and Aquarius is quite the odd combination.

As an Earth sign, Virgo is introverted and judgmental, while the Aquarius woman is a social butterfly.

However, you share a love for intellectual and. The Libra man and Aquarius woman combination can really work. There is an underlying friendship these two will share that will hold them together even when romantic arguments pop. Get Aries man and Aquarius woman compatibility horoscope free at level of connection between Aquarius male and Aries female when they come together in a relationship which makes the Aquarius man Aries woman love compatibility a possible situation.

if and only if, this love match is willing to be. Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman For any couple who share the same sun sign, there is always a good chance of romantic compatibility, but for many such couples the attraction quickly fizzles out.

Not so for this couple – this truly can be an ideal match. aquarius man and aquarius woman compatibility Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman: Nature Of Bonding This sun sign defines being genius, smart and intelligent, and they also like being called one, making them feel obliged for the same.

Aquarius man aquarius woman love match
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