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InAmerican Richard M. Their tone became increasingly confrontational, condemning slave owners as sinners and advising Americans to ignore the part of the U. It inspired the beginnings of the abolitionist movement in upstate New York.

The Waltham system also included specialized, trained employees to run the looms—mainly young women—giving rise to the concept of wage labor, which gradually began overtaking previous forms of labor, such as apprenticeship and indentured servitude, family labor, and slavery in industrialized areas.

The raid failed and Brown and most of his band were executed, but when Northern abolitionists made him into a martyr, it fed Southern fears that the North wanted to wage a war of extermination on Southern whites.

Before The Civil War: His system of independent mills and mill towns spread through the Blackstone Valley into Massachusetts. This rise in spirituality intensified evangelism in America, giving rise to a shift in morality and the advent of growing abolitionist and temperance movements.

These plantations depended on a large force of slave labor to cultivate and harvest the crop—most white farmers in the 19th century wanted and were able to obtain their own farms as the U. The ultimate result was four years of civil war that destroyed the Confederacy, ended slavery and established the supremacy of the federal government.

Inconstruction began on the Erie Canal to link Lake Erie and the Hudson River, inspiring a canal-building boom that lasted into the s when railroads supplanted canals. Constitution that required runaways to be returned to their owners. Belief in these principles led many well-meaning whites to try to replace the traditional cultures of nomadic native American tribes with a lifestyle more in keeping with Euro-American farming communities.

Although sensational stories sold a lot of papers, so did opinion pieces. Bythe eastern coast was connected by railroad to the western side of the Mississippi, Chicago, and the Great Lakes. He faced off with the British over control of the Oregon Territory and oversaw a successful war with Mexico, — The Cotton Economy In The South In the South, cotton plantations were very profitable, at least until overplanting leached most of the nutrients from the soil.

It was characterized by the rise of abolition and the gradual polarization of the country between abolitionists and supporters of slavery.

Manufacturing advances were not limited to the textile industry alone. Many stories in the penny papers were sensationalist and embellished to say the least.

The annexation of new territory and western expansion saw the reinforcement of American individualism and of Manifest Destiny, the idea that Americans and the institutions of the U.

The Antebellum Period in American history is generally considered to be the period before the civil war and after the War ofalthough some historians expand it to all the years from the adoption of the Constitution in to the beginning of the Civil War. Railroads grew so quickly in the s that they surpassed the mileage of the canals.

Many were short-run railroads built to connect ports with points inland, which were then connected to each other by rail.

Antebellum Period

A population shift from farms to cities had already begun, but the promise of better income in factory jobs accelerated that movement.The antebellum period was full of social reform movements based on the urge to eradicate evil and improve human conditions in society.

Despite the attempt to deal with a wide variety of reforms to provide positive changes to society these reform movements were met with varying degrees of success.

In the four decades prior the Civil War known as the antebellum period American's fought to reform society in order to perfect America and its people.

There were many forces and ideas that motivated this effort to reform America. The Second Great Awakening brought religion to the forefront of /5(6). that defined the Antebellum Period, nor did every characteristic of the period lead directly to war. This essay concerns the effect of partisan journalism on the American nation during the Antebellum Period.

It can be argued that during the Antebellum Period the professional members of the print media, both North and South, failed in their. The Antebellum era or the Pre-Civil War period was known for many reform movements. The society at the time was experiencing a major change.

Many movements such as the Transcendentalism and the Second Great Awakening inspired many intellectuals. Antebellum Slavery essays Slavery has been of significant importance in American history. During the antebellum period, slavery undergirded the economy of the United States, dominated politics and eventually led to the war between the North and South (Institution ).

After the Civil War. Sample Essay Antebellum In Class Long Essays Evaluate the extent to which the political and economic trends during the antebellum era () represented an expansion of democratic ideals analyzing what changed and what .

Antebellum period essay
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