An analysis of the saint augustines just war theory and the persian gulf war

Saddam Hussein tried to justify this policy, which is forbidden by the Geneva Convention, by claiming that Western countries had jailed Iraqi students as a security measure Associated Press Iraq was given every reasonable opportunity to leave but chose to remain in Kuwait.

Who makes that decision?

Similarly, if President Bush was killed in a bombing raid while visiting Al Jubial, no moral rule would be broken. After repeated attacks, the coalition forces destroyed the convoy, preventing their northward escape.

After the commitment to war was made, the opposing sides had a responsibility to respect the laws governing warfare. The factors listed above point towards a just war in the Gulf.

Any action with the intent of attributing more suffering than necessary to human life becomes immoral and making matters unjust; for example, torture or using weapons that exceed the amount of military force necessitated. During the Gulf War, the assassination of Saddam Hussein was never revealed as an official goal but every location where he should have been was bombed.

The coalition also followed the requirements of just-war behavior which allows the killing of combatants despite the circumstances which brought them to bear. Finally, assassination, while illegal during peacetime, loses meaning during war.

In performing this act of aggression, Iraq unleashed the floodgates of war which Walzer describes as the crime of war Walzer Most vehicles became bogged down in the sand which gave the planes a large area of stationary targets.

Consequently, whether the Iraqi soldiers were conscripted or not, they were the enemy. To him, I was unknowingly led by Thee, that by him, I might knowingly be led to Thee.

While the atrocities they committed as an occupying force in Kuwait would seem to warrant the destruction of the convoy, that mentality falls too close to raw revenge.

In practice, a point is reached when it is decided that all reasonable attempts have been made to avoid conflict.

Instead, large dams were targeted which, once destroyed, would flood Baghdad. Why did he send Scowcroft to China to recommend continued trade advantages even after the massacre of students in Tiananmen Square?

This body of leaders, an international assembly of representatives, provided the competent authority to wage war against Iraq.

An analysis of st augustine just war theory in the context of the persian gulf war

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Under a Executive Order, the U. And while it is morally wrong to force a soldier to fight, as the Iraqis did, there is no moral dilemma in killing that conscripted soldier during battle, as the coalition did.

Any more justification than that, if possible, would be hard to come by. No crime is committed on either side because during war, that is the accepted attitude. A theory that is driven by the precept of making war as moral as possible, which may not be a science in our day; nevertheless, the significance of his philosophy is highly relevant and applicable in modern day warfare.

To pretend otherwise would be the ultimate hypocrisy.

Many critics in the early stages of the war asked this question which was soon answered. In his autobiography, General Powell stated that he was asked to draw up plans for the use of nuclear weapons against Iraq Associated Press During the Gulf War, not only was the justification a just one as accepted by the collective conscience of the United Nations, but American interest was also at stake.

The moral equivalency of the "assassin" is the same as that of the coalition soldier fighting in the desert. Not only for the reason the coalition fought Iraq, but just by the means that the hostilities were performed. Yet some critics claim that another major point in just-war theory was not met.

Conscripted Soldiers The United States has been criticized for fighting Iraqi soldiers who for the most part were conscripted into service.

Bloomsbury Publishing, Ebook Library. Every vehicle that could be found was loaded with riches from Kuwait.

St. Augustine and the Theory of Just War

But with the prospect of a fortified country such as Iraq holding out for possibly years until the blockade finally worked, the coalition decided that the only answer was to remove Iraq from Kuwait by force.

The coalition, therefore, fulfilled the just-war requirement of last resort and hostilities were soon to follow. Eventually what ultimately converted Augustine to Christianity was the reading of Romans chapter 13 verses ; a fitting verse which perhaps applied to the type of lifestyle he was called to repent from.The Just War Theory of St.

Augustine and the Persian Gulf War. About St. Augustine and the Theory of Just War. The decline of the Roman Empire gave rise to two problems, which combined to form one of the most perplexing philosophical questions of late antiquity.

St. Augustine’s Just War Theory

Wood and Resupinate Case reconsiders its mumps an analysis of st augustine just war theory in the context of the persian gulf war or caramelizes an owl. Douglis sintered window, his bravado in the middle of the ship. At every opportunity, the coalition followed the requirements for a just war before and during the Persian Gulf War.

Jus Ad Bellum The just-war theory as described in Walzer is not a checklist of items that, when completed, gives the authorization for war. The Persian Gulf War: A Case Study in Just War Theory Laurence W.

Jones The Divinity School: 4 fa*l '^l. Approved DÄ' STATEMENT1 X Apprwr*d for public rodeos«^. 1 The Modern Construction of an Augustinian Just War Although the assertion that it was St. Augustine who set out the foundational principles of Christian just war is only a century old, the beginning of the.

An analysis of the saint augustines just war theory and the persian gulf war
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